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Why You Should Have a Website

Why should I have a website? That is the question most small business owners have in their mind.

  • Just give it a thought, if you wanted to buy a new laptop or mobile phone what would you do?
    Get outside in freezing cold or hot weather and make several stops to find the best seller in town.
  •  Fire up your browser do a quick google search look for reviews and find the best retailer with highest positive reviews and just land on his store saving hours of effort.
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Social Media: Jugular Vein of Digital Marketing

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can help push your business to success. Here are some of the things you need to know to make it work to your advantage.

What is social media?

The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Simply put, social media marketing is creating and maintaining customer relationships using the internet.

How people see your website

Billions of websites and more than two billions of users, it is very difficult to design a website that will grab visitor attention. For those who plan to either jump-start or redesign a website, here are several useful stats that they should take into consideration before starting the whole process.

The power of digital influence

  • 89 percent of customers search the web before making a purchase
  • 60 percent of people go to the brand or product website to find relevant information about it.
  • 75 percent of users admit they decide on a company’s credibility based on its website’s design.
The rumors for Windows 10 Mobile release in December seems to be true

The rumors for Windows 10 Mobile release in December seems to be true as Microsoft released new Windows 10 Mobiles Insider Build.
Build 10586 is a minor update over the previous build, that makes solid indication that we are on pace for the rumored Windows 10 Mobile unveiling in December.

Gabe Aul, Vice President of the Windows engineering team, teased the new Insider Build earlier today in a response to a question posed by one of his Twitter followers about today’s “Build forecast.”

Facebooks new tools for its humanitarian efforts

Facebooks new tools rolled out offerings nonprofits with the debut of two new features

After Paris attacks on Friday and a suicide bombing in Nigeria on Tuesday, social networking site Facebook is bolstering its humanitarian outreach efforts with new tools.

On Wednesday, Facebook rolled out offerings for nonprofits with the debut of two new features, a fundraising campaign tracker and a simplified Donate button.
The new fundraising campaign tool essentially builds analytics into the Facebook Page settings of eligible organizations. Nonprofits can launch long-term, themed, and specialized fundraising campaigns, set specific milestones for those campaigns, and visually track how much money’s been put towards those milestones and the total goal. The improved Donate button is more singular in its purpose: it lets users contribute to causes directly from their News Feeds via PayPal, a credit card, or debit card.
Facebook’s not rolling out the new fundraising tools broadly yet. To test their efficacy, it’s partnered with Mercy Corps, the National MS Society, the World Wildlife Fund and 37 other organizations for a several-week soft launch period. A Facebook spokesperson said that the tools will expand outside the US sometime next year.

The impetus for the tools was “improving [the volume of] giving,” said Naomi Gleit, Facebook vice president of product management, in an interview with Mercury News. “What we really think this can improve is retail giving, which is sort of spontaneous giving,” The goal, he said, is to encourage gifting of “smaller amounts” by “people who happened to be inspired by their friends.”
The new donation tools aren’t Facebook’s first attempt at formalizing the sort of philanthropic drives that have taken place on social media over the past several years. It rolled out a Donate button in 2013, and improved the button in August with more flexible options for ad and Pages placement. The newest iteration of the button, the version launching today, integrates on-site payment, allowing users to complete contributions on Facebook. But donating via Facebook requires associating a payment method with your Facebook account, a requirement that some critics argue points to an e-commerce motivation. And while fundraising is free for organizations now, The Verge reports that Facebook will begin charging a small fee in the coming weeks.
Facebook says it’s restricting eligibility for the tools to United States-based 501(c)3 organizations right now, but those applying for consideration in future rounds of testing can sign up at the network’s dedicated donation site.

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